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    100% Natural Products

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    Locally Sourced Farm Fresh Ingredients

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    No Preservatives

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    No Added Flavours

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    Recipes Sourced from Mothers

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    Openly Declared Ingredients

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Have Questions ?

Are these products healthy ? People usually say packed products are unhealthy.

CurryChief's products are 100% Natural and has No Preservatives or additives.

  • The products have just the ingredients used in our homes (No flavour or taste enhancers)
  • All Ingredients are openly declared in the product packaging for you to check

If it's 100% Natural, how come they have 12 months shelf life ?

We use Food Retort Technology to kill all food spoiling bacteria just with steam.

  • If there are no bacteria in the packaging, the food product will never spoil
  • Because of this tech, food lasts for 12 months without any artificial or natural preservatives

Does it have more oil or salt since its packaged food

No. The products have just the same quantity or even lesser as used in our daily cooking.

  • Food Retort Technology used does away with need to add any preservatives or additives to the products

Are these products vegetarian ?

Yes. All of currychief's products are 100% Vegetarian.

  • Only based on whether veg or non-veg being added, the outcome of the recipes differ

Are these products certified by FSSAI ?

Yes. All of currychief's products are certified by FSSAI to sell across India

FSSAI Lic. No. 12422999000565

Do you deliver across India ?

Yes. We deliver to each and every pincode across India.

  • We provide free shipping for orders above INR 299

Do you provide Cash On Delivery ?

Yes, We do provide COD to all pincodes across India

COD Fee - INR 25 per order

Delivery Time once an order is placed ?

Delivery Times across India:

  • TN : 1-3 days
  • KL,KA,AP,TA,MH - 3-4 days
  • Northern India - 5-7 days
  • North East India - 8-10 days