Chicken Biryani Calories

Chicken Biryani Calories

Chicken Biryani Calories


Biryani is by far the most favourite South Indian Dish as per Online Food Ordering companies. Every minute, more than 200 Biryanis are getting sold online in India. Biryani is an inevitable delicacy for many Indians.

Why do people love Biryani

Chicken Biryani Calories is high, so it fills a meal by itself. The need for a side dish is low for Biryani. It’s truly Indian, being rich in spices and flavours.

Is Biryani Unhealthy ? Let’s look at its nutrition facts.

There is an increasing trend on health and weight loss enthusiasts, recommending no biryani in their diet plans.  Let's look at this by its Macro Nutrition data by ICMR, India.

Per Indian Biryani
Serving (600g)
Daily Nutrition Need Chicken Biryani vs Daily Nutritional Need
Male Female Male Female
Calories 850 Kcals 3000 Kcals 2500 Kcals 28% 33%
Protein 40 g 60 g 46 g 66% 85%
Fat 25 g 30 g 30 g 83% 83%
Carbohydrates 112.5 g 375 g 300 g 30% 36%

*The above data is based on ICMR and National Institute of Nutrition, India data from 2020

**Biryani serving is considered 600g as a standard based on Indian serving size

Lets understand Chicken Biryani Macro Nutrients:

Chicken Biryani Calories

Each Chicken Biryani brings 850 Kcals (Biryani Calories) of Energy. More than 50% of Chicken Biryani Calories comes from the Biryani Rice used. Chicken Biryani Calories make only ~30% of the daily calories requirement.


Chicken Biryani is a perfect dish for a single course meal as it exactly meets 1/3rd of your daily calorie requirement.

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Chicken Biryani brings around 50g of Proteins per plate. This meets 75% of your daily protein requirement.


Chicken Biryani makes a perfect dish to meet your daily protein requirement.


Each Chicken Biryani brings ~113g carbohydrates which is only 30% of your daily carbohydrates requirement.


Chicken Biryani makes a perfect dish to meet your daily carbohydrate requirement.


Chicken Biryani brings ~25g fat per plate. This makes ~80% of daily fat requirement.


Since Chicken Biryani meets ~80% of daily fat requirement, you should make sure of low fat food or light food in the other 2 meals for the day.


From Macro Nutrients Stand point, Chicken Biryani is a perfect meal to meet your daily Calories, Proteins and Carbohydrates. Do keep a check on Fat in take from the other 2 meals of the day if you have chicken biryani as it almost meets your fat requirement for the day.


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